Cardale garage door wires and cones - anyway to stop them slipping?

Horrible experience today. I decided to fit a "sliding hasp" and padlock to my garage door. Nothing that would stop a determined thief but better than the useless, jemmy in a trice, standard "locks" fitted to the doors.
Now, probably because I lifted the door sharpish, the wire slipped off one of the cones and made a neat but tight overlap on one side. Would the garage door close? Nope. Much cursing, phoning 24x7 garage-door fixers who could come out on Tuesday, mobile phone battery death, monumental amounting of cursing, thoughts of cutting the cable. This led me to forcing the door down and somehow the cable slipped on the cone and it unjammed. I have VERY CAREFULLY raised the door and the cable has wound back into the grooves on the cone. However, the cable has a few nicks in it and I guess is slightly distorted when not under tension. I think this cable is a candidate for slipping again so I will get it replaced by a local company, in their own good time of course.
The question. Is there anything I can do to lessen the likelihood of this "wireslip" happening again? Looking at the design of these cones it looks like the wire is on the point of slipping constantly. Hinged doors - that's got to be the way to go.
I looked at other posting on the garage door topic and especially liked the one that said "the cones are made out of nylon but have the creep properties of polythene or margarine". Classic
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