Black stain for wood?

I've got to change some black kick boards underneath kitchen units.
As you may be aware, black contiboard is now very hard to find, so I
think the best solution will be to use 7x1" pine timber , and paint it
with a matt black paint.
Any recommendations for such a black paint?
Ideally, something that will be dark enough to look nearly black (or
very dark brown), as well as being, just, able to see the wood grain.
Something like this in ebony?
Any other recommendations?
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================================== 'Matt black' and 'translucent' seem to be mutually exclusive as matt black paint is usually used to create an opaque surface.
You might be able to achieve the result you're after by using steel wool to raise the grain of your wood before staining with mahogany (or similar) stain followed by clear varnish. I think you would have to select wood with an open / coarse grain for this to work.
You must be a perfectionist to be wanting to do this for 'invisible' kick boards.
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xminster do a similar thing, but with a black stain in the range
formatting link
(not tried it myself, though)
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Peter Lynch
For black kick boards I would use car spray paint as the boards are virtually invisible
When I replaced the dark brown kick boards in my kitchen I used pine and stained it medium oak the same as the doors. Perhaps surprisingly it looked much better than the original and SWIMBO was well impressed
Worth trying a few different sample effects in situ to see what the overall effect would be
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I got some Sadolin Extra Durable Woodstain in the end - and the finish is excellent. I've done one coat today, and it'll need another coat, but so far the finish IS better than contiboard. The tin says it can be scuffed many times without losing its sheen. The only downside is the slow drying, I painted them at 10am in the garage, (the tin says 4-6 hours touch dry). At 2pm they were still wet, so they've been in the shed for the last 4 hours with the heater on in there. £8 a tin, - well worth it. Ta Alan.
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