B & Q handyman service - £60 for one hour

Handyman 1 hour - £60
Handyman 2 hours - £95
Handyman 4 hours - £170
Handyman 8 hours - £280
What would Victor Meldrew say?
All together now: "I don't believe it!"
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Agreed. Been & Queued will have done their market research and must have found that enough people are willing to pay these rates.
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Hello! Sorry I'm late!
I did actually put a link on my web site 'Our Charges' page a while ago so people could see what B&Q charge.
I might try & find out what they pay. I wonder if Trail Rat knows?
Flat Pack Amigo's used to charge £45 for the first hour & £25 per hour, which ended up as £220 a day. They have recently dropped to £30 first hour & £20 an hour, or £170 a day. They offered me work at £28 first hour & £20 an hour (based on the old rates) so I wonder how low it is now?
As a matter of interest, I'm getting about 30% of my new clients from the van signwriting. When I ask people where they saw the van about 60% say "in the B&Q car park".
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The Medway Handyman
Just as bad as PC world - they charge twice as much for memory as my usual place, and then have the cheek to charge £25 to fit it!
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Bob Smith
"Just a handyman"? How very dare you? :-)
I reckon they have it badly wrong. Some will pay those prices, but I don't think enough will to make it viable. I reckon my prices are about right, maybe just a little on the low side.
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The Medway Handyman
You know my prices are too low, I know it, and most of my customers know it. But there is always one who thinks I'm over charging. I did a great job of landscaping a couples garden, when they paid, they said I was too cheap - I had charged £925, and took 5 days, someone else had quoted £2000, for himself and another to take a week and half.
Anyway, they asked if I'd have a look at their toilet while I was there. OK. The pan wasnt screwed to the floorboards, so the seal at the back was leaking I thought. It took less than 10 minutes to screw it down, and reseal it. I noticed when I was doing that, that the soil pipe had been incorrectly fitted, and may be the cause of the drips anyway.I didnt charge them for that.
So, 2 days later, I get a call to give them a few quotes for various little jobs (outside tap, repair brick wall etc), as well as fit the correct toilet soil pipe to stop the leak. It would need a new connector at £5, and around a hour to remove/refit the pan. I said immediately that the toilet will be £50 plus parts - my minimum charge for toilets. She looked at me gone out. She really thought I was joking, and expected me to do it for £10. I told her what I'd likely find stuck to the pipe when I removed it (loads of shit!), and there was no-one who would change a soil pipe connector for less than £50. "Well, we'll leave that then if it is that much"
I sent my quote to them the following day. And havent heard a thing from them.
I've since spoken to a wealthy chap I know, and he says too that if you charge too little, people take advantage of you, and dont think they have enough of a bargain at the cheap price, so will complain even more - I havent had that yet, but I have noticed, and turned down, a number of people who expect me to do other little things for them when I had only come to do the one thing. One asked me to go round her mothers and see why her washing machine wasnt working - she even said she wouldnt be able to pay me for another week or so! She thrust a phone number in my hand - "here, ring her up and tell her when you are coming, but you can only ring after 3, and must be there before 5pm" I didnt ring her.
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In article ,
They had a trial of this scheme at the local one in Wandsworth. The 'handymen' didn't have small vans but Minis. A more unsuitable vehicle would be hard to find - very expensive for what it is and tiny boot or carrying capacity. Obviously designed to impress the nearby Sloanes. Did quite the reverse to me - rather like a tradesman appearing in a suit.
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Dave Plowman (News)

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