Attaching metal socket to concrete

I am going to erect a fence around my oil tank, gas cyclinder, bins
recyling, etc which are all sitting on a concrete base. I am going t
use a metal socket with a baseplate (see website below) but don't kno
how to bolt this into concrete.
Do I use something similar to a rawplug?
Any advice much appreciated
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Socket with a baseplate. For erecting a fence over a concrete area
the baseplate incorporates securing holes.
Position the support and then drill the fixing holes in the concrete
Use a sharp masonry drill bit in a hammer action electric drill.
Bolt the post support down onto the concrete. If the surface is uneven
you may need to pack under the baseplate to make sure the socket i
upright - odd pieces of old roofing slate are ideal for this.
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've used these extensively and like the "drill and screw" aspect. As you drill the hole for the fixing undersize, drill through the first hole on the fitting, fix the fitting, then drill through the remaining holes in the fitting.
As everyone else will tell you "get hold of an sds drill to put holes in concrete".
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