Advice plz on laying concrete slab for a shed to go onto

Clear yes, but worth putting some mesh around the edges to fill the gap. Rats and other undesirables do sometimes make nests under sheds.
Peter Scott
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Peter Scott
I have an old veg plot that I need a shed to go onto.
The shed is just a 10 x 8 wooden one.
But can I lay a concrete slab straight onto the soil
Any advice plz ???
Does the slab need to be larger or smaller than the shed base ??
Also how thick can I get away with ???
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On Tue, 01 Jan 2008 10:28:35 +0000, The Natural Philosopher wrote:
Would I need to compact the soil and put any hardcore down 1st ???
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A few kilos of sand, maybe with some cementmixed in,. provides a variable width bed..
Probably worth removing tree roots and mole tunnels.
You may get subsidence, but so what? its only a shed. It exists as a structural unit.
Mine is simply propped on bricks over slabs over a little sand and cement.
Has a nice gap between its wood and the concrete. More or less dry and rot free.
One doesn't expect them to last that long - its been there ten years or so.
If you want to go de luxe. maybe a slit trench about 6" deep, blocks laid on their side with cement under, then some bricks and a DPC?
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The Natural Philosopher
Assuming the shed has a floor;
Get yourself 5 x 8' concrete fence posts, lay flat, level them off & sit the shed on top. Easy, cheap & allows ventilation under the shed.
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The Medway Handyman
Which ever of the suggested methods you use, make sure all woodwork is clear of the soil and ensure a good air flow under it to ensure the wood remains dry - wood in contact with soil will quickly rot. Levelled piles of bricks or blocks work well, set up to pick up the floor joists. Support every two foot to ensure the floor doesn't bounce. No need to put too much effort into compacting the soil, they will sink in anyway - so just allow extra height for this anyway.
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Harry Bloomfield

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