20 L/min is this enough?

I'm just finding out if 20L/min is enough to power a mains operated
shower. The situation is we have very poor flow from our shower and am
looking at increasing the pressure (A shower pump is not an option)
the mains water flows at 20 L/min (Dont have a pressure tester so cant
test). So we are looking at installing an unvented megaflow cylinder
or thermal heat store cylinder. So my question is will a cold water
flow of 20L/min be suitable for a shower and if such what flow could
we expect to get in the final shower? I presume the max is 40L/min but
obviously not likely.
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Well FWIW we get 20L/min at the kitchen sink, and have an unvented HW cylinder, and it generates an excellent shower. Despite 15mm rising main and pipe to the tank. (FYI we actually have two showers, and it isn't really enough for both).
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[This advice is worth what you are paying for it.] I would say you'd get a reasonable shower at least as good as with a combi (which in turn are much better than an electric shower).
You won't get a fantastic bath filling performance but something around the flow of normal conventional vented unpumped arrangement.
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Ed Sirett

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