Im in major need of ventilation problem answered

I have a pole barn that will get a ceiling, drywall, vapor barrier w/r-49 insulation, 32x70 building, the building will be a 3 season place, with a wood stove. My north side has vented soffit, a total vented ridge, and the south side has a 2 inch eve. The roof is (R profile) steel panels, and the building inspector stated I should close the ridge, place a power vent, and open the south side some how.The problem with the back side is, it has closure strips, so I was thinking on lifting the panels and placing a 3/4 edge vent, which undoubtedly will change the profile of the linear edge but will give me a extra 4 sq ft of (free air space). If anyone wants a better idea of what I have I can supply pics.
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Pictures always help! You can post them in the comment section, where it says "+Image" on the bottom of the form . Click that and a menu will open for you to load a picture. It does one picture at a time. Thanks!
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I have to disagree with the "inspector" entirely, closing the ridge vent is just outright stupid. A power vent won't ever beat natural self-regulating convection and does nothing if or when the power goes out. And no, Turbine Vents aren't what he means nor should they be used. - Concerning the South Side's venting, just cut slots or drill lots of tiny holes through the eve between rafters. You just need flow, so the roof keeps up with outdoor temperatures and can drain-out any rare and minimal dew-point condensation. - However, you should try to calculate the soffit flow from both sides and adjust your ridge openings to accommodate that full volume. Adding South Side flow means the ridge has to be opened on that side or widened overall. You don't want any bottlenecks.
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