I was using my 190 honda preasure washer , it quit running . low on oil, refill.

I don't understand the question but I am assuming it has something to do with why your pressure washer stopped running. If so, then go through a simple diagnostic method to try and figure out where this problem is coming from. If it is low on oil, then refill, if there is a problem that keeps on persisting then bring it in to your local repair shop.
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Sounds like you may have sediment in the Float Cup that eventually stirs up to block the Fuel Jet. The blockage may even drop out when left to sit and run normal again, for a while. Below is a horizontal engine orientation (yours should be a vertical), but it should get you through. See this video, "EASY FIX! HONDA PRESSURE WASHER that will not start after storage (plugged carburetor main jet)"
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