Bruner Goulet Ironworker Float Valve

The old metal float valve assembly in the brine tank of my Ironworker softener was recently replaced with a plastic one after the float holder corroded so badly it broke. The softener seemed worked properly once, but the next time it cycled, it proceeded to overflow. When I checked the valve I immediately saw what the problem was. The elbow on top of valve assembly is able to move in the sleeve it fits into. Once the water level rises and closes the float valve, the water pressure causes the elbow to move upwards in the sleeve and the water continues to pump into the brine tank through the space created. Therefore, the water level in the tank ends up being too high. The real problem occurs when the softener cycles again. Since the elbow is not in the sleeve properly, no suction is created and the brine water isn't sucked into the softener during the backwash. Since the water level in the brine tank doesn't drop, the brine refill stage overflows the tank. I'm thinking that the elbow needs to be glued into place permanently. Is this fix the way to go, or I have somehow gotten a faulty replacement assembly? Cheers
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