What is the best exterior flat paint that actually LOOKS flat!?

I'm trying to find a flat exterior paint and everything I've brought home so far (Behr, Sherwin Williams) has been shiny. I don't want a shiny house.
I live in Minnesota and I'm painting the color brown on 3 different siding materials. (Cement board, Cedar, and -- fiber board(? not sure what to call it) The fiber board shows the shiniest out of the 3 siding materials.
Does anyone have any recommendations?
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Behr's Ultra Premium Super Awesome (whatever it's called) is still currently the best. The only one that ever beat it was Sears' Weatherbeater, which Sears ruined almost 20-years ago. But yes, fresh exterior "flat" paint will actually look somewhat shiny until it fully cures or breaks-in after the first year. This is because and the main reason exterior paint is exterior paint, it needs to be weather durable and to form an oxidized later of protection...only then it'll be truly flat.
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