Is there a non-toxic (organic) treatment for the door sill that will protect it?

I am installing a new pine or oak door sill to replace the original sill which, after 25 years, broke into pieces. It was the part of the sill exposed to the elements that disintegrated. We would prefer not to use toxic stuff like polyurethane to protect the new sill. But what is out there that would be effective AND safe?
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The Door Man
One-Time Wood Protector (
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). It's the only stuff I use anymore, IF the wood sees regular Sun exposure. On their website see The OT Difference tab for the MSDS pdf's, they don't have any carcinogenic. Get as small a portion as you can and keep the rest, unlimited shelf-life. Just brush it on your Pressure Treated Pine or White Oak (not red) every 7-years and you'll be set for many decades.
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