Zenni update, Mar 11, 2012

Tried that. The images moved around, like the world was going up, down, and sideways. But not much focuss improvement.
I wrote off for a stronger pair (larger number in the drop down menu). Those helped, some. I've got yet a stronger pair on order, see how those work out. Kept the same astigmatism correction.
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One disadvantage to mail order / online purchase of glasses is the inability of the vendor to mark the center of your eyes on plain lenses in the frames you plan to use, to ensure that the "sweet spot" of the lenses is in the correct place. The measurement only has to be off a millimeter or to degrade your vision. I've had a new employee get those measurements wrong and the resulting lenses didn't provide the proper correction. That person was no longer employed when I went back to pick up the corrected lenses (made to measurements done by someone else).
While you're stopped at a traffic light or the like, try movimg the frames in a small circle to see if there's an improvement in either eye (not likely to get both at the same time).
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