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TS> Something's the matter with my telephone wiring in my old TS> house. The original hard-wired rotary phone works, and two of my six TS> modern phone jacks work. But the others periodically lose their dial TS> tone. I have a full basement, and can trace the wires, but don't see TS> any loose wires. When I examine the jack, they look fine, too. The TS> problem is probably simple, but unfortunately so am I! TS> My question is, who do I call for inside telephone wiring TS> problems? The phone company, or a general electrician, or who? TIA, TS> email welcome, watch the spam trap.
You can call the phone company, however their repair fess are rather high. (If you have something like "Linebacker" on your phone bill definately call the phone company as you're paying an 'insurance' fee for such repairs.)
You can look in the phone book or newspaper's classified advertisements for something like 'telephone repair services'.
The problem you are having is an intermittant connection to the group of phones which don't work. Phones work with only two wires, probably red and green in your instance. (They are the two wires to the center terminals of the RJ-11 connector.) As you can trace the wiring I would be inclined to try to find the 'common point' where the wiring to the phones which don't periodically work connect.
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