Which Thermostat is Best

Hello, In the living room i am going to install two, electric, three-foot, baseboard heaters, while in the other rooms one three-foot heater. The heaters are said to have better circulation if you install them directly under a window. For creature comfort i will be using other forms of heat.
The reason these baseboard heaters will be installed is to keep the walls from buckling from having 0 heat in the house, so a little bit is better than nothing, and i expect will do the job while i am away, basking in the Florida sun during the three, bitterest, Winter months.
This is my true/or/false theory: if i use the thermostat that goes directly on the unit, i feel it will keep the units from getting too hot (if i set it correctly, and what should that safe, setting be), while on extra cold days, if i have the thermostat on the wall, it will read the room air too good and send the little heaters into a dangerous tizzy of hot hot hot.
It is beyond me how the thermostat installed directly on the unit works at all, but i guess they have it all figured out somehow. Sort of wish someone would explain this theory and how it works.
Or what is the intelligent way of thinking along these lines?
These baseboard heaters are so well built, the parts have a life-time guarantee so i am putting my house in their hands, and hoping they donot burn it down in my months long absences. Scary, yes, but what else is there to do?
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