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I am trying to help my brother-in-law. They have a cottage on a lake. They
pump water from the lake into an old dug well they use as a holding
reservoir and to allow sand to settle. Then they pump the water into the
cottage with a jet pump to provide a pressurized system. The house pump is
in need of replacing. I noticed that it is set up as a deep well with a
suction pipe and a pressure pipe, but the well is a shallow well probably no
more than 40 feet deep. This would mean that the jet assembly would be down
in the well.
Is it possible to change the pump out to a shallow well pump using only the
suction line while plugging the pressure line and leaving the jet assembly
in the well? They don't have much money so I am trying to work out a way to
not have someone come out to work in the well as there is no way to pull the
pipes out the well by ourselves.
If the pump must stay in the deep well setup, would it make much difference
to leave the old jet assembly in the well and use it with a new pump?
Probably loose some efficiency, but I don't think that would matter, would
Can someone help us out here, thanks.
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On Sat, 5 May 2007 11:07:27 -0400, "EXT" wrote:
You need a deep well setup. Practical max depth for suction only is about 26'.
As for using the old jet with a new pump: the jet assembly is usually sized to the pump, but I imagine if the new pump is close to the specs of the old it will work OK. Probably wouldn't hurt to try it that way first, and if you have problems, then you can change it out.
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