Water heater install question Part 2

Wow, Thanks for all the response and advice from the ng. I never considered the surface area heat loss of two units as opposed to one. The manual for the new water heater states that it DOES NOT need an insulation blanket but that if local codes require it one can be installed. The manual for the old heater does not address it. As far as I can tell from my research on the web, a blanket is required if the water heater feels warm to the touch. Mine don't, but my hand has not had it's temp sensor calibrated in quite some time. So should I go ahead and put the insulation blankets on? I can pick them up at Lowes for like $14 each. Is it worth it? Again, I live in Memphis, the ambient temperature today is supposed to be 60 with sun, which means the temp in my attic will be more like 65-70. And it is January 27th, the DEAD of winter here in the south. The attic actually goes into the 130's during the summer, I figure neither water heater will need to run then. Thanks in advance.. Craig
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