Washer won't drain

Kudos to all the armchair appliance repairmen in our midst, but did anyone ever bother asking about the model type of the Maytag washer? There are no screens on any model.
Let's have a little history lesson...There are three basic Maytag front load washers.
1. Maytag Neptune, the big white one that was marketed during the 90s or so, and repopularized front load machines. 2. Maytag Neptune by Samsung, rebranded machines for a year or so when the original Neptune was pulled of the market. 3. Maytag Epic, rebranded Whirlpool machines, marketed after WP bought Maytag. Epic Z is a shorter version.
Here is some very simplified info on addressing pump issues...
For #1, remove the door hinge screws and the screws on the other side of the door if the door opend the opposite way. Leave the door closed. Then remove the front panel and go at the pump if you want. The hose to the pump is likely clogged, or the pump itself has a blockage at the impeller.
For #3, remove the torx screws at the bottom of the access panel, and remove the panel. You can then open the pump strainer and remove any blockage there, and you may also have access to the impeller area to see if there is a blockage. Epic Z uses 1/4" screws.
For #2, these were not at all popular. You probably don't have one of these, so I won't bother commenting.
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