Trenching to a Watergarde

BV> I'd like to run electricity and water out to my backyard pond. Does anyone BV> have any feedback on proper/safer methods/rules for digging a trench to do BV> this?
Proper guage wire in conduit -- use the next guage wire up because of derating due to being in conduit. I trenched 18-24" below surface because of the possibility someone else here would decide over the conduit run would be the ideal place for a planting and forget about the wiring!
The summer I did the 'extension' was very dry here -- almost drought conditions. Used a pick ax to loosen the dirt and a spade and garden trowel to remove the dirt -- trencher would have been easier but as I only did this an hour or so a day would have cost a small fortune.
A GFCI is a must in my book -- exception may be if your pump is huge and not just for a decorative pond of several hundred gallons.
Any plans for the possibility of an electrical need part-way along the present run? Now's the time to install the outlet!
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