Travertine Epoxy Repair ?

I have 2000 sq. ft. of Travertine flooring. Over the past 20 years I have taken care of shallow defects and pits with Travertine colored epoxy. I assume that it is made from the Travertine "dust" left over from its original manufacturing process. I have had no problems with the occasional patch. I just make one or two swipes with my "putty" knife and freshly mixed epoxy. However, I frequently have an area that is slightly elevated. I just wait until it sets up (not too hard) and then trim off flush with the rest of the surface using a new sharp scraping blade.
At this time I am having the entire floor cleaned and polished. After the cleaning and before the polishing I will have about 40-50 areas that will need to be patched. Do you guys have any tips or tricks that will allow me to just apply the epoxy in one or two swipes and have it level with the surface so that I can avoid irregularities in the epoxy surface? I want to avoid the need to blade-scrape the repair as I have been doing in the past. I do have some nice new putty knives and a good supply of blades.
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