This is really bizarre

The other day I went to an auction and bought a bunch of odds and ends. A bunch of used (but good) tires, some windows, some lumber, and other small stuff, plus a large piece of farm machinery.
I loaded the machinery in my pickup, and placed the tires around it. I put the smaller windows on the front seat (passenger side) of the truck. There was one smallish car tire not on a rim and I knew it would blow off the pickup box, so I carefully placed it inside the cab of the truck on top of the windows.
During the sale, it was snowing lightly. So, everything had snow on it. On the way home, I had the heater running in the truck so the snow was melting on the stuff in the cab.
When I got home I was too tired to unload the stuff. By the next day we had a severe cold spell. When I tried to remove the tire from the truck cab, I found it was frozen to the glass on the top window. Well, a person cant use a prybar on glass, so I removed the whole window and tire as one. I now have a window standing in my garage with a tire stuck right in the middle of the glass pane. This really looks weird, in fact I think I need to get a picture of this before I bring them in the house or turn on a heater in the garage.
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