Thermador Cooktop Repair

I have a Thermador 5 gas burner cooktop, Model # GGSCV365W. It's 10 or 11 years old. It has a glass top, and 5 burners. The two left burners are labeled XLO, they cycle on and off to provide extra low heat.
For a couple of years the igniters on a couple of the burners have been clicking / sparking contunuously whenever turned on. Mostly a nuisance, but now some of the burners won't light sometimes, and one of them has a broken sparker / electrode.
I went to, and they said I need to replace the electrode(s) as well as the Gas-Reigniter (an electrical part). Now I'm trying to open it up to access the inside. I've repaired ranges and stoves that had top surfaces that just flip open. This has a glass top that does not just open.
When I asked at, they sent me a blow apart diagram of the top of the unit, showing how it comes apart. I take off the burner grate and the burner cap (these just lift off), and then unscrew the injector sleeve. This is hex-headed threaded a bolt with a hole through it's length. It's about 2 inches long. I think the head is 20mm (I used a 13/16" wrench on it and it had a little slop), and the thru hole is just under 1/2 inch.
The blow apart diagram shows this holding down the burner base, then the burner plate and then a heat shield (on all 5 burners) to whatever is below the glass top. It looks like if you remove these parts on all 5 burners (and the knobs) you could just lift the top off.
I removed one of these injector sleeves, and the burner base under it. I can't remove the other parts. The burner plate moves very slightly laterally, but seems to be held in place somehow. I thought maybe it comes up with the glass top, so I removed all 5 sets -- but that wasn't it.
The diagram shows that if I remove the injector sleeve and the burner base, the burner plate should just lift off. It also shows the electrode being replaced on the lifted off burner plate -- again, the burner plate doesn't just lift off.
I also went to Sears Parts Store (/, and they have more / better diagrams. Their prices are probably better too. If you go there, and copy & Paste in my model number my cooktop comes up as the only choice. The first diagram is the same as the blow apart I got from, but isn't labeled. Their part 2 is the injector sleeve, part 3 is the burner base, part 5 burner plate and 7 is the heat shield (these are the numbers on the left front burner. Some of the parts on the other burners have different numbers because they're different diameters but come apart the same).
Sorry if this is to wordy. Any help would be appreciated. How do I get the top off to access the inside? Is the Gas-Reigniter easy to get to and replace?
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