Tech: Problems with starting a Honda HR214 Lawn Mower

I purchased this mower from a guy who had it running once this year. He went to start it the next week and it wouldn't start, so he sold it.
So, I naturally take the carb apart and clean it real good. I put it back together and it still won't start.
I then notice the little rocker type switch on the left side of the mower and mess with that for a bit. I then try to start it again and it starts right up thinking that switch was the problem.. I put the mower away and the next day I go to start it again and nothing once again. I once again mess with that switch and it still won't start. I tested the switch and it does test ok.
So now I'm thinking the magneto may be bad.. Anyone know the correct ohm readings for this coil? When I stick one lead on the plug end and the other lead on the spade terminal on the coil and turn the flywheen I do get a reading when the magnet passes the magneto.
Thanks Chas
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