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Hi! (or is that 'Hi !!'? <g>)
! > WIth all the messages about the defective surge protector that went up ! > in smoke, I just wanted to note that I have my computer plugged into ! > TWO of them. One is plugged into the outlet itself, then there is a ! > power strip with another one built in. In the past 3 years, I have ! > lost one motherboard, one video card, and 3 modems from lightning. ! > WHILE PLUGGED INTO THESE SURGE PROTECTORS. ! > ! > They are a total waste of money in my opinion. The only way to ! > prevent lightning damage is to unplug stuff when you are not using it, ! > and especially when there is lightning.
True! This _is_ the best way but surges can enter the system when there is no lightening: car hits pole, tree limb falls across power lines, etc., etc.
Couple of things come to mind re: fries. Did a surge enter your computer via the telephone line? The telephone lines can carry surges just as easily as any other wire. Surge voltages would enter the modem, frying that. If an internal modem would tend to fry motherboards. Even an external modem possible for the surge to continue along the serial cable into the motherboard.
If the surge protector isn't grounded properly it is useless. Different theories: some indicate "as long as the outlet is grounded, some say the surge protective device needs to be right at the electrical system grounding point. (Hi Tom_W!)
! > The sellers os surge protectors are the only ones that benefit from ! > them. They benefit with riches and laughter as they laugh all the way ! > to the bank!
IMO they are welcome to some of my dollars. While the surge protective devices I use here are not of the best quality nor installed in a manner most efficient to deal with the impedence of the lightening surge along my home's electrical distribution system I do believe they are protecting me from surges.
And yes, I have disconnected the telephone lines and power plugs from the wall outlets when there is a severe storm in the immediate area. I don't unplug the system when the storm is a few miles away.
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