strange problem with flou

MG> I have several sets of flourescent lights in my kitchen which up until MG> tonight, were all controlled by a wall switch. Today, I replaced several oMG> the tubes and now, when I turn the switch on/off, only some of the lights MG> come on. There are several other switches in the kitchen which we have MG> never used but now they turn on/off the lights NOT being controlled by the MG> master switch!! MG> MG> It seems insane but it seems that previously, all of the fixtures were on MG> the same circuit and now poof, for some reason they have been separated intMG> different ones. I didn't do anything else other than replace some bulbs..
OK, let's think logically. You did not change anything except the fluorescent tubes, right? Did not change switches, didn't do anything with the wiring, right? The problem is therefore something to do with the tubes. This could be either the new tubes are faulty (try in a working fixture) or the ballast/starter in the fixture isn't able to start the bulb.
If the fluorescent bulb is the kind with the two prongs on each end it's probably a matter of not being inserted into the holders correctly. Remove bulb and retry.
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