sticking storm door pushbutton latch

I have a 2" thick steel storm door that needed the handle replaced (I bought
a "National" pushbutton latch). When I tighten everything up, the button
sticks so that when you push it in, it doesn't push back out. When it is
assembled together (off the door), it works fine.... any ideas / tips
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Sounds like a faulty design. The bezels may be so flimsy that the slightest variation in tightening jams the button. Try other designs from better hardware stores. Go for a heavier, probably pricier assembly. Good luck.
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Joe Bobst
Loosen the screws a bit, and try the latch. It should work.You may just have the latch slightly mis-aligned which is causing it to bind.
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Dave jackson
If it's anything like the f**ked up instructions we got on our last storm door goes. The illustration showed the spring under the wrong side of the mechanism. The spring goes under the knob, on the outside. The flipper handle on the inside of the door goes flat up against the door and IF you follow instructions AND illustrations, the spring is pinched under the inside flipper handle. If you throw away the faulty, retarded instructions and put the spring under the knob, you should be fine.. We had exactly the same symptoms you describe and when we put the spring under the knob, voila!! HTH Perry
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Perry Templeton

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