Staining Douglas Fir Doors

We just had some new custom Douglas Fir doors installed which need to be
finished. Can anyone help me on the steps and procedures I need to go
through and stain/seal the doors properly? Thanks.
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Dave Combs
Stain conditioner Stain Finish (polyurethane, shellac, lacquer)
What do you want to achieve exactly? Fir can be blotchy so it needs a pre-conditioner or a spit coat of shellac to seal it before staining.
Do a little reading here
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Edwin Pawlowski
Bix Pre Stain or a custom mix of shellac is a must for the first coat or it will look like junk when stained. First look for any scratches , sand with the grain carefully with 120-220. Pre stain then stain, if it is exterior use a Marine poly on the outside side. Finish with 3-7 coats, sanding takes an understanding of the finish to not ruin it by cutting through to the stain and using usualy 280-320g, but the big sanding is before the last coat to get it smooth . Use a Tack cloth inbetween to clean and dont varnish if the sun is going to hit or on a hot door. Doors are realy for a real pro to get them done right. They take time and alot of experiance.
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m Ransley

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