Sewage backflow basement

R > We have a large cast iron sink in our basement. Just this evening we R > went into the basement and noticed raw sewage and water had collected R > in the bottom of the sink. It had just accumulated and hadn't begun to R > smell to much before we got things cleaned up. R > R > I noticed that everytime I flush the toilet upstairs water and some R > sewage bubbles up through the drain into the sink. R > R > The pipe runs down from this sink into the mainline, also attached to R > this line is our washer. R > R > Our house is connected to the sewer and is on a slight gradient above R > the street. I should also mention that it has been raining heavily R > over the last day or so, if this has any bearing. R > R > Can anyone give us some advice on how to investigate and fix this R > problem?
Couple of things come to mind. The main sewer is partially blocked by tree roots and needs to be 'roto-rooted' out. Call a professional sewer cleaning service as the cutter blades are needed.
If you live in a section of town where the sewer and rainwater removal systems are combined it could be overloaded due to the rain you said you have been havnig. Usually the backflow has nothing to do with toilet flushing - it just occurs. A backflow adapter can be added to your sewer line.
I would start with the 'roto-rooter' option as is a lot cheaper.
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