Screen Entire Single Hung Window

I am wondering if anyone has screened off their entire metal single hung windows? I am going to put up solar screening on all my windows of which 5 are single hung windows. Which means there is only a manufactured spot for one screen on the bottom half of the window. My only option is to mount the screen over the entire window.
I am curious as to what my options may be.
I could most certainly Just put together a frame, screen it and just screw it to the wall over the window. But that is more permanent then I would like even though it seems like it would be the easiest way to accomplish my task.
I know this would work because my neighbors have theirs installed like this. The only concern I have with that is that it is not easily removable. Why would I want to remove it? I can't think of a reason right now but I'm sure I'll come across that someday. As well I'd like to make it easy for any owner after me to be able to take them down if they so chose to do.
One idea that I am considering is making some kind of frame "holders" or mounts I suppose you might say. Something that would sit on each side of the screens frame with a tab of some sort and hold the frame over the window. To remove the screen just loosen a screw and move the tab slightly or something else of that nature. Then one would simply slide out the screen from its position easily.
If someone has a better suggestion then I am more then open to hearing.
Thank You.
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