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When you take off an old roof. ... The old sheathing is boards. The
boards are old but they are tight next to each other. There is one roof on
Is there any reason to re-cover the old sheathing?
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Normally that question can only be answered by an inspection by someone with good roofing knowledge and consideration of local conditions.
When re-roofing always get more than one estimate.
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Joseph Meehan
Re-cover with what? With sheathing? Probably not.
You should have an underlayment system installed prior to installing the new roof covering.
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Travis Jordan
When the pros redid my roof, they basically went all over the old sheathing with a hammer to find any bad spots, and cut out, and replaced them.
So no, unless there are real bad problems, no.
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John Hines
Your 1X decking should be inspected for rot, cracking, etc. The smoother it is, the smoother your shingles will lay. If the boards are in good shape, then new underlaymnet and shingles are all you need.
If the overall condition of the planks are bad. it might be easier to rip them off and replace them.
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Roger Shoaf

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