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My roof is 10 years old and seems to be in good shape except for the vent
boots. I noticed that the rubber part of the boots has cracked. I had a guy
to give me an estimate on replacing the boots. I have 4 vent boots(two 3"
and two 1.5"). The guy told me it would be around 250.00 labor and I needed
the boots, 2 bundles of shingles and some silicon seal. He said it would
take one whole day for this job.
I'm just wanting some opinions on this. I guess I didn't think it was that
big of a job. I realize that one must pull up a few shingles to replace the
boots. What really got me wondering was the fact that the guy said he would
need two bundles of shingles.
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On Sat, 11 Dec 2004 23:17:36 -0500, "Keith" wrote:
Best thing I've found, first pick only craftspeople who are recommended to you by trusted people. Second, get more than one estimate. Three, check the craftsman history via the BBB for complaints.
As for the job, as in the bundles, I have no clue how he's using them. sorry.
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- Keith -
replace the
- Nehmo - Get up there and do it yourself. If you're scared of heights, now is the time to confront that fear. If you have a question about how, post it. Or you can bargin the guy down to a hundred bucks. Then he'll go up there and make additional holes while he does the job.
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Nehmo Sergheyev
Im no roofer but 200sq st of shingles is alot. Why cant the cracks be siliconed. Thoroughseal comes in a can it may work till you redo the roof, does it leak? His price is OK though.
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m Ransley
A whole day for the job? Get up there, tease the shingles up without breaking them, replace the boots, reseal the shingles with tar, put the ladder away. May need a hair dryer to improve shingle flexibility.
Main thing is to get up there and decide what needs to be done.
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Michael Baugh
A "bundle" is 1/3 square. *Two* bundles is 2/3 square. That's really not a lot of shingles.
See my reply to your first statement.
It also may not. It also may work for a week, then fail.
Glad you approve. Especially since you've based all your other comments on (incorrect) speculation.
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On Sat, 11 Dec 2004 23:17:36 -0500, "Keith" scribbled this interesting note:
This is a pet peeve of mine. This kind of vent flashing, at least where we live and work, usually fail within about five years. The flashings that have the neoprene seal always fail. Every time. Eventually. Why? Because sunshine deteriorates that seal. It cracks. Then you have a leak.
What should be used? Easy question and an easy answer. Buy better materials. Lead plumbing vent flashings have been used for more years than I care to count. Sure, they cost more, but sunshine will not make them fail. Properly installed this kind of flashing will outlast your roof by decades.
I'd not let this fellow near any job of ours. First he wants to replace your flashings with more of the variety that will fail again. Nothing like job security!:~) It will not take two bundles of shingles. At most it would take half of one bundle. Silicone is far from the optimum choice for sealer on usually will not adhere to asphalt shingles. Roof cement or a urethane based sealer are far superior choices. I won't comment on his labor charge. He wants to use inferior materials, is over-estimating how many shingles it will take, so I think his opinion of the value of his time speaks for itself.
It isn't that big of a job and I think that $250.00 isn't too terribly much to pay if the job is done well and carefully. The fellow you have spoken with sounds more like a semi-qualified handyman than a craftsman. I know which I'd prefer to have on my house...
-- John Willis (Remove the Primes before e-mailing me)
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John Willis

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