RO membrane replacement - choices

I've been shopping for a replacement TFC membrane for my RO system. This system was originally equipped with a 50gpd membrane. My understanding is that I can change the capacity by using a different capacity membrane and a suitable flow restrictor. A few questions come to mind:
1. If 50 gpd serves my needs adequately (indeed, it's overkill), would there be any benefit if I 'upgrade' to 100 gpd? What if I 'downgrade' to 35 gpd?
2. What is the impact of using an incorrect flow restrictor? My existing flow restrictor is 500ml. If I use a 100 gpd membrane with this flow restrictor, will my water quality be positively or negatively impacted? What about a 35 gpd membrane? How about the life of the membrane?
3. Given the answer to #2, could I improve the quality of the water simply by changing the flow restrictor to something other than the recommended rate, albeit at the expense of a shorter membrane life or increased waste? (I live in the Great Lakes drainage basin, so don't lecture me about water conservation for the sake of water conservation - it's largely a symbolic gesture in this part of the world)
4. Will a 100 gpd membrane last longer than a 50 gpd membrane, given the same usage and the correct flow restrictor?
5. Is a higher capacity membrane (from the same manufacturer, each with the correct flow restrictor) more/less/equally effective at removing gunk from the water than a lower capacity membrane, all else being equal, including usage?
6. Would additional storage capacity (bigger/additional tank) be a 'better' solution than increased membrane capacity for the occasional higher-usage day? (a couple gallons of back-to-back iced tea or lemonade is pretty much the limit of my system)
7. Is there any advantage of resin over steel for storage tanks? What is the life expectancy of a storage tank? Is tank failure typically associated with the bladder or the tank itself? How much pressure should an empty tank be charged with?
7. Is DI overkill for household use? What about UV?
8. Where can I get information on how these beasts work with the goal of being able to answer such questions myself? (the web seems sorely lacking in such information - or perhaps it's just a problem with my choice of search engine)
I know I've asked a lot of questions. For some reason, the bug bit me and I absolutely need to know.
Thanks, Mike
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