Rain coming off of gable end

I have a relatively steep gable end (7:12) at the back of the house. However I still get a lot of rain dripping off the gable end. The concrete roof tile has a nice upward lip, so I don't think that the wind is pushing water over the gable end (versus the water flowing down the roof slope to the gutters on the sides of the house). My best guess is that due to the wind and predominant direction of the rain, that a lot of rain is hitting the vertical face of the roof tile (that is in front of the barge rafter on the gable end) and dropping straight to the ground. Where this hits the concrete paver patio, is no big deal. But it is also tearing up the soil in our rose garden. Luckily drainage is not an issue. I could put a strip of gravel along this drip line - ouch with all of those thorns. Do you have any other ideas? I am imagining some type of channel that goes behind and below the roof tile and in front of the barge rafter almost like a really steep rain gutter that follows the slope of the roof. But I don't think such a device exists.
Any thoughts or ideas are appreciated. Thanks!
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