Problem with wiring for new second phone line

I'm having trouble getting my 2-line phone working. It appears that I may have a wiring problem. The phone company made the connections outside the house. This is what I see:
A white cable with the following 6 wires is coming in:     orange (oIn)     orange/white (owIn)     blue (bIn)     blue/white (bwIn)     green (gIn)     green/white (gwIn)
In the junction box outcide the house, these connect with the 2 CAT5 cables going into the house as follows:
LINE 1:     GRN:    bwIn     RED:    bIn     YEL:    green/White (2 CAT5) + gwIn     BLK:    green (2 CAT5)
LINE 2:     GRN:    blue (2 CAT5) + gIn     RED:    blue/white (2 CAT5) + oIn     YEL:    orange/white (2 CAT5) + owIn     BLK:    empty
At the phone outlet in the house where I'd like to use the 2-line phone, there are the following connections:
    GRN:    blue/white (CAT5)     RED:    blue (CAT5)     YEL:         BLK:    
The wires connected to what is labeled "LINE 2" on the junction box appear to be the original "line 1" used in my house. "LINE 2" appears to be what the phone company just connected as line 2. If I unplug the jack in the junction box for "LINE 1", plug in a phone, then dial my second number from my cell, that phone will ring.
I've tried connecting orange and orange/white (CAT5), and also green and green/white (CAT5) to the phone outlet's YEL and BLK with no luck.
Does the outside connection for "LINE 1" in the junction box look ok? The connections look quite different from what I see for working "LINE 2".
Can anyone help describe the proper connection to get my second line working with the above description?
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Phil Pickett wrote:

Sorry, but after previewing this, I have to stop and ask: Line 2 is working???? The hell you say!!! lol

OK, it sounds like that's the wire from Telco, right? If so, and the installer wasn't on crack, the blue pair (B + B/W) should be one incoming number, and the orange pair (O + O/W) should be your 2nd number. (You can sort out which # is which later on, ok?)

Those 2 make sense

Those 2 do for your CAT5's but not for 1 wire from the green pair

Again, the input wires here make NO sense at all.

And there's the dangling mismatched lone input wire. Nuh uh.

OK, stop and simplify, hopefully...
I'm going to assume that the two CAT5's, there is no reason why they should be kept discreet? IOW, is this a duplex, or would there be ANY other reason why those two CAT5's can't be thrown in paralell right at the input?
Wire EVERYTHING the same, right at the (junction) demark box:
Input Telco Your CAT5's Test Jacks @ box
B                    B                    Red \ **** B/W               B/W               Green / Number #1 O                    O                    Red \ **** O/W               O/W               Green / Number #2 **** Note: Your two Test jacks at the box will NOT each see both lines, you're setting it up so that each incoming # is on the R/G pair of the test jack, that's the way Telco wants it, trust me. If you do that, you can wire every jack in the house the same way:
B                    Red     \ B/W               Green     / Phone # #1 O                    Yellow     \ O/W               Black     / Phone # #2
And if you decide the numbers are *totally* ass backwards, just swap the blue pair with the orange pair as they come in from Telco.
If you decide one of your phone jacks needs to have the numbers flip-flopped (say your modem should answer Number #2 but it is answering Number #1) then flip the R/G pair with the Y/B pair right at that jack.
Hope That Helps.
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