preparing AAC block for strucco-lite.

Hi newsgroup,
Your invaluable tips have allowed me to get repeat business with cementious materials. Next is plastering-up up interior basement blocks walls.
This is what I'm strucco-liting over. I was gonna start by just washing and wetting up the walls. The ceilings are finished, so I'm not gonna want to go too wild here. But I finished them and can touch up with the materials I have leftover.
I *was going* to use muriatic acid on it, but then I got talking to malcolm about it, and he says that that might react with the aluminum in the AAC. After reading how it's synthesized, I certainly would do a test brick first, but frankly, it's got me spooked enough to skip it.
Q1) If you're not cleaning with muriatic acid or a pressure hose, would might a little stream of water and a wire brush give me a surface that won't embarrass me by not providing sufficient adhesion except where the foundation is shearing it and you'd expect a crack?
It's an interior where there might be 60 percent relative humidity.
Q2) Does a person think that plaster dries like stucco in that it wet-cures? When I think about what has worked for me along those lines, I think first: wetting it down. Letting it dry througha layer before I apply another. Keeping it watered for a term. With stucco, some day 28 days.
Thanks for your comment.
Peace from abq,
Cal Dershowitz

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