Plug won't come out


You plugged it into a ***SWITCH*** ????????
Assuming you meant and outlet, I bet it welded itself in there. If this is a heating type appliance that sucks lots of power, it's very likely welded in there. I have had that happen a couple times now.
Shut off the power to that outlet, and shake - wiggle - rock - pull - and beat the crap out of it with your fist. Either it will come out intact, or the plug or outlet will break. Let em' break. You really need to replace both the outlet and the plug when you are finished.
If all the banging and motion wont get it out. cut the plug off the appliance cord, break the outlet cover until you can get to the outlet screws, and remove the outlet. Replace the outlet, the outlet cover plate, and the plug. Final cost, under $10 for parts, and hour or two of labor, (less for someone with experience), and an undisclosed number of cuss words.
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