Parts for Obsolete Pellet Stove

Hello! Anyone have a source for used parts (or even new) for a
Heatilator Pellet Stove, Model SX. Made about 1992. The convection
blower has gone out!
Any and all help appreciated.
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Chances are the blower was made by a third party anyway. Is it just the motor that went bad? Any names on it? Take a look at a place like Grainger
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and you may get lucky. How about a bathroom fan?
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Edwin Pawlowski
Can it be repaired? Have you taken it apart and determined the mode of failure? Edski is probably right on 3rd party supplier, you may be able to just replace bearings or something simple, it is hard to tell from your post. Details?-Jitney
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This is a wild shot but...
I needed a new grate for a 20 year old wood stove, one made by a company I had never heard of and I did a lot of research before buying it.
Went to my local Grange (they sold it originally), A bit of checking by the clerk and they came up with a store find parts for almost any stove you could name. Went there, they had catalogues for everything seemingly that was ever made, located my orphan make, one phone call and they were informed as to exactly which parts were still available. Yep, grates were one. That store is in in Moscow, Id. Been so many years I don't recall the name now.
You might try asking at any store selling stoves to find a local source such as that.
Harry K
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Harry K

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