Ovens with "lift top" ranges for easy cleaning

While there are ranges made with hinged cooktops so that they can be raised for easy cleaning of the insulation cover, anyone who cleans as many stoves as I do knows that while that might be a conveniences, it's completely unnecessary.
The fastest easiest way to clean under the surface element drip pans is with oven cleaner, and using oven cleaner makes the process fast and easy regardless of whether your cook top lifts up or not.
The fact that any burnt on spilled foods can be removed quickly and easily from a porcelain enamel insulation cover on a range is probably the single biggest reason most appliance manufacturers no longer offer lift top ranges.
Now, I said "Porcelain Enamel" insulation covers. Lots of 24 inch wide ranges still come standard with GALVANIZED STEEL insulation covers, and those should be avoided like the plague. They stain easily and can never be properly cleaned so that they look "clean".
The manufacturers of many 24 inch wide apartment size ranges will offer a porcelain enamel insulation cover as an option. For example, in my case, I ordered 19 Frigidaire 24 inch wide self cleaning ranges. They all came with galvanized steel insulation covers. I bitched to Frigidaire because they never made it known to me that porcelain enamel insulation covers were available as an option, and Frigidaire of Canada sent me 20 porcelain enamel insulation covers free of charge. I have since replaced all the galvanized steel insulation covers in all of my 24 inch wide ranges.
Never ever never buy a range with a galvanized steel insulation cover under the surface element drip pans. It's a bitch to keep clean and they make the stove look dirty all the time.

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