Outdoor woodstoves

Logan Shaw wrote:

To pursue him would mean I'd need to front the retainer to the attorney myself, plus all legal costs in advance, on the assumption that if I won I could recover damages and legal costs from the seller. Not only do I not have enough money to pay those costs in advance, but I'm not willing to gamble with that kind of money if I did have it. It would be far cheaper for me to fix the problem directly. The electrician has agreed to help me restore the wiring to a safe condition for a couple hundred, so sometime in February I will be able to do that. He will advise me on what needs to be done and I will do it ostensibly under his supervision, and he will inspect all work to make sure it is done properly. I have done much electrical work in new construction and remodelling, so I'm not inexperienced. It just never occurred to me to look at the wiring ahead of the meter before.
The wiring in the house proper isn't really unsafe, it's just not to current code. Normally that's fine unless circumstances require updating, usually associated with permitting for major reconstruction or remodelling.

I'll check the Home Depot site, that sounds very doable. I still want to use this wood burning stove, if for no other reason than to dispose of all this wood that I otherwise would need to pay someone to haul off. Around here a 30 yard dumpster runs four hundred bucks to rent and dump one load.
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