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I used www.truecar.com to get a price on a car I wanted. Worked for me.
I was looking at a particular car to buy and wanted a good price, of course. No particular loyalty to a dealer if i could save a lot. I went to the web site and started by putting in all the information.
At the end, it wants you contact information to have dealers send you a bid, so, with a wince, I hit the send button. In minutes, I had guaranteed pricing from three dealers. I also had a phone call from one. I was going to visit as the price was $6550 off of sticker.
Sunday, wife and I took a ride to the closest dealer that I have bought cars from. We started talking and he gave me a proposal. I laughed and said it was no where near what I would pay. Told him how much and he asked how I arrived at that number. Whipped out my phone, showed him the price from the True Car dealer. Two minutes later we had a deal.
Even though I did not buy from one of the TC dealers, it made negotiating easy and I feel I really did get a good price. Picked up my Genesis with all the goodies tonight. Quite a car.
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