OK Deck Question (after waterproofing)

I used an agent to clean my deck and reinvigorate the wood and open it up to accept the waterproofing/stain. I applied the agent and according to direction sprayed it off, I used a pressure washer to make sure I did a good and thorough job.
The deck is about a year old and it is pressure treated wood, it was never treated, I was told by a few people to let it season for 6 months to a year before I treat it.
Anyway, I applied a tinted waterproofer and it came out very nice, just the color I wanted and the water is beading nicely after a rain.
In the past week or so we are noticing white spots and lines showing up on various boards all over the deck. They kind of wipe away with your hand but the trace remains. They can be scrubbed off.
What is causing this white residue. Is it something due to the water sitting and drying on the boards, or is it something being brought out from within the wood.
Are there any solutions to make them stop showing up
Thank you, and Happy Father's Day guys
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