Noisy Heat Pump

Looking for ideas to quiet a noisy Bryant outside Heat Pump unit. We have a
newly built home that came with a contractor grade heat pump. Initially
they installed the outside compressor unit directly in front of one of the
kitchen windows. After 6 months of shake, rattle and roll I made the
sub-contractor move it to a blank wall location. It still made a racket
maybe even worse. I was able to quiet it somewhat using rubber grommets and
rubber strips to dampen the outside shroud from excessive vibration.
However the compressor, still transfers a terrible surging vibration to the
brick veneer wall where the pipes that are connected to the attic air
handler unit enter the house. I have had the H&A sub out 3 times and it
still sounds like a wood chipper grinding hardwood and gravel. Called
Bryant and they offered Zero help. Help. Thanks
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Ross Moody
base. It is obviously very rid. I had wondered if outside units were shipped from the factory with the 4 compressor mounting bolts screwed tight to prevent damage during shipment. I asked the sub if the bolts needed to be loosened when the unit was installed to gain maximum damping from the rubber mounts. I got no answer. Where would I get a pad and what should it be made of ?
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Ross Moody

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