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An electric stove is easy. You have only three things that can fail.
1] the wires or the connections.
2] the controller
3] the burner
Most of the time you will have 2 large burners and two small burners.
First try swapping the known good burner with the suspect burner.
If the known good burner works in the previous bad burner position then the element is bad and you only need a new element.
If the suspect burner works in the different position, then you know both elements are good.
Now you can check the controller and the wires with a volt meter.
At full power setting (high) the socket to the burner should be getting 240V. If it does then the socket itself is probably shot. If it doesn't, then check the out put from the control. Should be 240V (with knob set to high) if not then check the input to the control. here you should have three wires when you connect between two of them you should read 240V and when you connect between the other two you should get 120V.
With these tests you should have quickly isolated the bum part.
Roger Shoaf
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