More Proctological Violations of the consumer....

Awl --
Well, not home repair per se, but definitely in the same vein..... getting ripped off. With perhaps a mildly inneresting lesson in linquistics -- or lack thereof.
So ahm lookin fer medicine balls -- a really great fitness technique, as long as you ignore what all the asshole fitness gurus have to say, or their demos....
This was mostly for the wife, as I lift weights etc etc, but I was monkeying around with the guys in the locker room at work with a medicine ball, and, holy shit, a crappy li'l 8# ball was no joke!!
Done correctly, a medicine ball, while certainly not the same as traditional weight lifting, has many of the same characteristics, plus quite a few more. As long as you ignore the asshole gurus..... The Wife luvs luvs luvs the 8 and 12 lbers I got from Sports Authority, and now I'm looking for 20 and 30 lbers.
So I come across , and if you do the drop-down menu thingy for the 20 and 30 lb balls, you'll see the total comes up to $250 -- with a best-price guarantee AND free shipping.... how can you beat DAT?? Finally, a site that's watching out for me.... right?
Well, not quite...... Power Systems own website has these two balls for $150, and afaiu, it is a rule that the mfr always lists a high-ish msrp, to protect its various vendors, reps, outlets, etc. Oh, and other sites have Power System's price, plus 10, 15% discounts, poss. combinable.
So I called up these pilates peeple and asked them about this. A surprisingly savvy rep told me to read the fine print of their guarantee, where it says they really don't have to honor their best price """guarantee""" -- has sumpn to do with some notion of *their* """"wholesale VALUE"""", and not being obligated to beat a price that falls under their """"wholesale value"""". When I pointed out that they were $100 *above* MSRP, I just got this ""wholesale value"" bullshit....
Heh, gotta be why I love Englich.... and Merka.... you can add 2+2 and get... well, whatever you effing want to get!
OK, rant momentarily on:
We live in a country where the tobacco companies tell us not to smoke!!! holy shit.... That by itself has had to have burnt out more than a few brains, with owners of sed brains stumbling along some road, mumbling, They're asking me to smoke but telling me not to smoke.... does not compute..... what do I do..... they're asking me to smoke but telling me not to smoke.... does not compute..... what do I do.....
I think electroshock is the only solution, in these cases.....
My hero, Tony Little, fat and abless, still mananged to sell millions of Ab Isolators.... heh, apparently DAT li'l inconsistency didn't faze quite a few millions of Merkins.... musta been that shiny blue Spandex body suit, which, I must say, did a good job of holding in Tony's blubber.....
OK, rant off.
And, according to this web site rep, there was no email, no other person I could talk to about this. I pointed out that this site borders on (and I was being polite) deceptive advertising, and she responded that this was out of her control, which was understandable. But still could not give me anyone under whose control it was. heh.... gotta love anonymity and unaccountability.
Inyway, so much for best-price guarantees. Just a little ditty that reinforces the notion that language has almost no meaning anymore, ultimately resulting in wanton and gratuitous worker-hostile legislation, corporate windfalls, and our ( the (m)asses ) downfall.
Now that the Supremes have just removed all limitations of corporate campaign contributions, say hello to Mr. Orwell -- I believe he's knocking on your door right now.

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