Microwave Turntable Motor: Interchangeability?

My friend's microwave oven has a non-working burnt out turntable motor. Som e liquid spilled down to it, resulting in charred windings. These little mo tors are all AC synchronous motors. The original motor is rated at 2.5/3 RP M and 2.5/2 watts. On it is stamped "GM-20-12FG12," appearing to be a main identifier. I can find other 2.5/3 RPM synchronous motors but they have a d ifferent number stamped on them. E.g.
--http://www.ebay.com/itm/GE-Microwave-Turntable-Motor-2-5-3-rpm-SM16F-BY36 P1A3-WB26X10038-/381695609199?hash=item58ded4c96f:g:bNcAAOSwRQlXf0Fs and
--http://www.ebay.com/itm/Higashifuji-21-VAC-MT8-3-2-5-2-Watts-2-5-3-RPM-Tu rntable-Motor-Various-/172260627197?hash=item281b8892fd:g:tZQAAOSwzJ5Xdzu M.
I think my main concern is that the motor's male side plug fits into the fe male side connector to the microwave and that the mounting holes line up. H as anyone tried interchanging these motors with success?
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