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Hi Jan!
J > My Master BR is exactly above my garage, both facing west (least to J > say that I live in TX). As a result, my upstairs AC is always on J > (thermostat is in the master bedroom) and my master BR seems to be J > always hotter than the other rooms upstairs. Are there any other J > things that I can do to lower the temps in the master BR (besides J > keeping the ceiling fan on, which, anyway, isn't much effective)? J > J > I do not want to keep the garage door open, even partially, as the J > backside of my house is full of woods and I have spotted some snakes, J > mice, rabbits etc around our house.
One of the things I would do is to check the insulation all around your bedroom, especially in the floor (the ceiling of your garage).
Having the ceiling fan on is somewhat effective in lowering the apparant room temperature because of the wind chill factor ==> moving air will help cool you off but admittedly if the air is 85° it's not going to feel too cool!
Would also check your ductwork. You didn't indicate where your master bedroom was in relation to the air conditioning unit. You might want to try closing some vents slightly to force more cold air to your bedroom -- be sure to have those leading to your master bedroom fully open. Also check the return vents: doubt if a damper but if the vent in the master bedroom is blocked by furniture could cause you to be warm.
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