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Hey Matt!
M > In my basement, there is a grated "storm drain" in the middle
M > of the basement. It's round, flush with the floor, and about 5 inches
M > in diameter. The other day, it rained a record amount of rain in a
M > short period of time. a little water (about a gallon or less) was
M > right around the drain when i went down after the rain (within a
M > 1-square foot area). Now, since the floor is tiled, and it was only a
M > little water, and if is the worst it will get, i I'm not totally
M > worried about it, but i have a few questions and would like to prevent
M > it simple if possiible.
M >
M > 1) is this the situation in which i hear people should have the drain
M > snaked for tree roots, etc to prevent this?
We also have this "storm drain" as you call it. Neve3r had a problem
with backflow from the cirty sewer, however have had the rare problem
with the washing machine water backing up (suds coming from the floor
drain) and then it is time to call a sewer service.
M > 2) could some sort of some sort of simple backflow preventer device
M > help to prevent this?
Probably not worth the expense. ...OTOH I would check with your
neighbours. If they have ever have a problem with sewer water coming
into their homes then you may wish to have one installed, but it is
going to be where the sewer comes in to the house, not just this one
floor drain.
M > 3) there is always water resident about 6 inches down the pipe -
M > should i remove some of this to prevent the problem, or will the water
M > level just remain the same - or is this water necessary?
You want this water there! It prevents sewer gases from entering your
house. Be sure there is _always_ water in the trap. Drain the
dehumidifier tank into it, or add vegetable (cooking) oil if you tend
to forget about it.
M > I am hoping there is some little trick i can do to rectify this
M > problem....
Actually I don't think it is a problem. We occasionally have water
in the basement (the ground water level rises), and am glad for that
drain. Years ago had what locally has been called The Father's Day
Flood and unfortunately the sewer did have some roots in it, impeding
water flow. The basement did start to flood because the drainage was
clogged. Fortunately RotoRooter was able to come out immediate, cut
through the roots, and the water went down.
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