leaky water heater question

Hey everyone,
My propane hot water heater is leaking from somewhere. I can't easily tell
where from just yet.
Other than the tank having corroded out, is there anything else I can check
I know little about water heaters.
If I end up replacing this, who makes a good one. I just know sears and
whatever HD has.
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how old is the tank? if its older your better off replacing.
home depot lowes and others have tanks. In pennsylvania theres no sales tax on a installed tank but 7% for cash and carry, go figure:(
Used to be tanks were installed pretty cheap but my last one was a PIA so I am returning to self install.
They are all basically the same, pay a bit more for a longer warranty, that also gives a bit better efficency
if your tank is getting old just buy a new one
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Not easy to tell on most newer insulated tanks. I suggest that if the tank is over 10 years old it will be better to replace it and not try fixing it. Any fix you do is likely to help you find the next weak point.
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Joseph Meehan
One common place is the pressure/temp relief valve. But if that is leaking, it should be obvious, as it should be coming out the end of the pipe connected to it. If it's coming out the bottom, with no visible leak at the top connections, it's time for a new one. Gas ones typically have a life of 10-14 years or so. Depending on where it's located and what happens if it goes suddenly, pre-emptive replacement, even with no signs of trouble, may be a wise move at 10 years.
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This is the best advise to your question. I've seen tanks between 7 - 11 years that start to leak. When they start they most likly will not stop. Verfiy the year and if it's out of warrenty or even close, replace it.
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Electric water heaters can sometimes leak from the elements, either the mounting gasket, or a blown coil. That can be fixed. But you got a gas one. Unless it's leaking from a pipe fitting on the top, or the drain valve at the bottom, you may as well plan to get a new heater. There is nothing else that can be fixed.
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