Laying Down Vinyl Tile Floor First Time HELP HELP

Put down a Armstrong commercial floor (vinyl tiles) on a concrete floor in a laundry closet using Taylor VCT adhesive about a week ago. This material scratches almost immediately. Well it is going in a laundry closet so no one will really be walking on it.
Got glue on the concrete outside of the closet where carpet is going.. I cleaned it up by taking a paper towel lightly damp with paint thinner and then scraped it off. Could the thinner seep under the tiles and loosen them? I did not saturate it just barely touched the surface with the paper towel but it was next to existing affixed tiles..
Also a couple of the tiles were so badly scratched I decided to replace them and now that I have I notice that the seam of a couple are slightly higher than the other but barely. Is this normal? Did not want to drench that one with remover so I just scraped what I could and added more adhesive.
I will seal with a sealer in a few days. Several of the tiles have noticeable scratches on them. Is this normal for this commercial type vinyl tile????
Also, this is going down on a concrete floor on grade. Is it necessary to seal/waterproof it. I didn't.
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