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My wife went to a local vinyl distributor and they sold her some commercial armstrong vinyl tiles. She wants to use this in a "laundry closet." The room is only 4' wide by 7' long!! This is a room we will not be walking in. Just open the doors to the closet and reach in! The main electrical subpanel is in there on the wall as well. Question is this:
Wouldn't it have been better to put a no wax vinyl tiles, or sheet no wax vinyl tiles in there as no one can get in there to redo the floor without removing the washer and dryer? I understand that even if you don't walk on it, it has to be stripped and resealed every couple of years??? I suppose you could just strip and reseal the little area you can see but the stripper would probably damage the finish on the washer and dryer. She said she liked the design and color of these tiles!!!
Should a concrete sealer be used before these tiles go down with adhesive for moisture. Some books say don't put tiles down on concrete on grade without concrete sealer; some say don't use vinyl tiles on concrete and some don't mention either and just say use a good glue. The Taylor glue I am using says it is very good for concrete on grade with some moisture. It just says to let it set up for two hours before putting the tiles down.
There will need to be a strip along one side and along the back, one half tile wide as the room does not lay out for full tiles. Can I just start at one end and go. It appears square when I layed out the tiles.
I don't have a 100LB roller! Can I just use a rolling pin, or a 2X4 to push it down?
The tiles look exacly the same on both sides. Does it matter which side goes down?
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