Kenmore (Sears) washer repair

Thanks, Terry,
Sorry to reply directly - I could not see this in the group.
You sound very knowledgeable so I decided to operate, again, my machine and report the observations
1. It is a "belt-drive" rather than "direct-drive" 2. When turn on - it waits for the water to rise before operations. 3. As soon as the agitator starts - the drum starts to rotate. (but may be not as fast as spinning) 4. Dry- spinning does not wait for the water to be removed. (The pump works) - a lot of splashing at the beginning. 5. Lifting the lid - does not stop the above. Not a problem by itself, but I believe it is not an independent failure but rather another manifestation of the main one as it was working fine until now.
Please advise what part(s) I should buy & replace and any other advice you kindly can give.
With much appreciation, Uzi, 7-30-07 ============================= This is a At 10:47 PM 7/29/07, you wrote: You lost neutral drain, this is not a big issue or usually a problem. But if you want the neutral drain back replace the gearcase and may as well do the clutch at the same time. As for the not stopping your lid switch is most likely the problem but if the motor stops then the brake is at fault (oil from the gearcase?).
Newsgroups: alt.internet.appliances Sent: Thursday, July 26, 2007 8:29 AM Subject: Kenmore washer repair
I'm trying to repair my washer. It is a top loaded Kenmore / Sears machine about 20 years old.
The problem is that the dry- spinning does not wait for the water to be removed. (The pump works)
Also, I noticed, that while it is spin-drying opening the lid does not stop the action. (It suppose to and always did)
Any ideas will be appreciated. Thanks, Uzi
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